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Muslim Center
A Community Center for all People in the Burnsville Area
Teaching The Real Islam
We educate the community about Islam and clear Misconceptions about what Islam Truly teaches.

Dar-us-salaam offers distinctive services to the community

Weekend Qur'an

We offer Qur’aan weekend courses to all students in all levels. Dar-us-salaam is a well known Dugsi and we are dedicated in teaching our next generation.

Reading & writing

Learning how to read and write is an important step in mastering the Qur’an. At Dar-usalaam, we offer classes for students in all levels.

Islamic studies

Dar-us-salaam offers Islamic studies courses as well as educational activities.


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Our Mission

To teach and preach Islam in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah and the understanding of the consensus of the Muslim Scholars

Our Vision

To establish and maintain a Muslim Society that is well informed of their religion in respect to their environment, status quo and surrounding.

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