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Dar-us-Salaam Weekend Services

At Dar-us-Salaam, we offer distinctive services to our community. Our services include Qur’an memorization, Islamic Studies and Reading and writing Arabic. We also provide services to our community and youth such as sport activities and events.

Weekend Services

Weekend Quran

1. Reading the Qur’an with proper pronunciation.
2. Learning the words Of Allah on your own pace.
3. Memorizing The Book Of Allah and Implementing the teachings.
4. Building A connection with the Qur’an.

Reading & Writing

1. Helping students ages 4+ develop the writing and reading skills.
2. Teaching Tajweed(Proper Pronunciation) .
3. Learning how to write in the Qur’anic Arabic language.
4. Building Strong Arabic Comprehension.

Islamic Studies

1. Semester based Islamic studies courses for our youth (Ma’had Program).
2. Helping learn the basic fundamentals of our Islamic teachings.
3. Encouraging youth to pursue the path of seeking the Islamic knowledge.
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